Justin Bieber could not stop himself from teasing his friend Niall Horan over his upcoming album "Flicker" during a night out on Sunday. In a video posted on Instagram story, the two were seen clowning each other with Justin Bieber asking Niall Horan to carry out his pose for his album cover. "Let me see that mug of yours," the Canadian pop singer was heard telling his pal.

The said cover art featured a close-up shot of Niall Horan's face which showed off his blue eyes and manscaped facial hair.

After the One Direction singer declined to give his friend what he wanted, Justin Bieber decided to do his own "Flicker" album cover and shared it with his followers.

Unlike the original version, Justin Bieber's dimly lit self-taken photo featured his stoic facial expression from a low angle. He later uploaded the image to his Instagram account followed by the real cover art of Niall Horan's upcoming solo album.

The parody photo has earned almost two million likes from the Canadian artist's followers at the time of writing, with most of them laughing at how the two singers make fun of each other.

Inside Justin and Niall's friendship

It is worth noting that their friendship was questioned when Niall Horan was linked to Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The Canadian artist, however, proved that there was no bad blood between them when he named the "Slow Hands" singer as his favorite One Direction member.

Niall Horan, on the other hand, revealed that he often hangs out with Justin Bieber to play golf or talk about music.

In fact, the "Despacito" singer has given him pieces of advice while he was working for his first-ever album as a solo artist.

“Bieber told me that you never really know when you’re finished [with an album]," he opened up in his Billboard cover story. "He thought he was done [with "Purpose"] and then got "Love Yourself" at the last minute."

The 1D member continued, "I thought my album was finished, and then I went on a bit of a run ’cause I was writin’ crap stuff up until then.”

Niall set to release first solo album after 1D hiatus

The 24-year-old Irish singer is set to release his debut album "Flicker" on October 20 through Neon Haze Music and Capitol Records.

It's lead single "This Town" was released in September 2016, followed by two more tracks off the album "Slow Hands" and "Too Much To Ask."

The production of the album kicked off shortly after Niall Horan signed a solo deal with Capitol Records following One Direction's hiatus announcement. The album consists of 10 tracks with an addition of three more songs exclusive for the deluxe edition.