Prince Harry and U.S. First Lady Melania Trump seemed to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Some media outlets and social media users took notice of Harry’s unusual gesture during the photo ops, where several onlookers claimed that the prince made a devil’s sign with his hand.

The 33-year-old British royal and Donald Trump’s wife recently met in Toronto, Canada, where the 2017 Invictus Games are held. The two met before the opening ceremonies on Saturday and posed for a series of photos together. However, one photo had gone viral when the prince was seen with his right hand “half-tucked” into his jacket in quite a weird way.

Devil’s sign

Prince Harry’s “unusual” hand gesture was described as half-tucked where his thumb, middle and ring fingers were tucked inside his coat, while his pointer and pinky fingers were positioned outside. According to Huffington Post, this gesture is a “symbol of the devil” known as the “horn or devil’s horn.”

The said hand gesture, however, could indicate two things — either the prince is making a signal that he is the devil or an evil spirit is around him. But two body language experts, Joe Navarro and Patti Wood, suggested that people might just be overreacting and misreading the gesture because Harry’s hand position is totally new.

As per Wood, Prince William’s younger brother is not making a “sign” that conveyed he is the devil. Instead, the prince made a “protective gesture against evil or darkness and illness.” Wood added that Harry’s hand gesture was an “act of self-comfort,” which was also showed by other world leaders when they posed for photos with U.S.

President Donald Trump.

Navarro, on the other hand, explained that there could be a number of factors that contributed to the positioning of Harry’s hand gesture or body language. He stressed that the media and the public should not “read too much” into the royal’s gesture but he said that he showed “some psychological discomfort.”


Both Navarro and Wood, however, agreed that Prince Harry showed some “level of tension.” Both experts also took notice that the British royal appeared a bit uncomfortable because he often looks “happy and relaxed” during meet-ups and photo-ops.

Navarro added both William and Harry have a “tendency” to put their hand over their stomach as a “self-soothing” gesture to cope with a tense feeling. Wood, on the other hand, pointed out that Melania Trump looked tense as well in the picture.

Despite their interpretation of Harry’s hand gesture, Navarro stressed that conclusions can’t be drawn from it. However, Twitter users were quick to share the said photo, with captions suggesting that the prince was trying to ward off the devil who is America’s current first lady.

‘Suits’ set visit

In other related reports, Prince Harry reportedly visited his girlfriend Meghan Markle on the set of her television series, “Suits.” According to Daily Mail, Kate Middleton’s brother-in-law secretly flew in Toronto, Canada a few days earlier the opening ceremonies of the 2017 Invictus Games.

The publication added that Harry met the cast and crew of the show. He was also an epitome of a proud boyfriend when he got the chance to see his ladylove filming in action.

The royal couple was also spotted holding hands when they arrived together at the wheelchair tennis match between Australia and New Zealand. Daily Express added that the prince was seen “smiling” at Markle and “whispering in her ear” during the event.