In the list of most unusual friendships, Justin Bieber and Patrick Schwarzenegger makes it to the top. The connection that exists between the two was given a “spiritual” attestation as they were spotted headed to a church together.

Justin and Patrick, an ultimate friendship

According to a report by Daily Mail, Justin Bieber and Patrick Schwarzenegger (who are of the same age, i.e., 23) were seen attending a church in Los Angeles together on Wednesday, August 30. While Bieber was seen holding the Hillsong Church prayer book, Schwarzenegger followed up looking like he was in “good spirits.” A source who witnessed the two told Hollywood Life that they were seen spending time at Earth Bar (West Hollywood) earlier that day.

It was revealed that Bieber didn’t look like he was in the “right” mood.

Both Bieber and Patrick were seen gulping a series of shots down. The source claims that they were “healthy drinks.” Later, Patrick was seen hugging Bieber from behind. Hollywood Life, citing information provided by the source, claims that the hug was “very brotherly and manly.” Patrick, it seems, has been there for Justin at all times. He was seen attending his “Sorry” tour recently and was by Justin’s side when he canceled the “Purpose” tour.

Justin wore a yellow colored Adidas t-shirt with casual basketball shorts and a baseball cap. At the same time, Patrick chose to don a black t-shirt, with a pair of the baggy tracksuit.

The “Baby” singer has been a lot of controversies lately. His nude pictures were leaked through ex, Selena Gomez’s Instagram account. Although they were taken down immediately, it managed to rile up the buried gossip about him again. According to a report by NME, these nude pictures of Justin Bieber were taken during his holiday in Bora Bora, and have been leaked before as well.

Bieber visited hospital

The celebrity also visited the Northwell Health hospital in Long Island (New York) recently. He was apparently suffering a swollen testicle, and thus went for a routine check-up. Soon enough, rumors of Bieber being diagnosed with STD started spreading like fire. It was later revealed that the hospital employee named Kelly Lombardo checked Justin’s personal medical records to check if the rumors were true.

This led to the hospital firing the Lombardo, calling her an “immoral employee,” that violated a person’s right to privacy. According to a report by Billboard, Justin Bieber recently touched 100 million followers on Twitter, making him one of the most followed celebrities on the social media platform.