The latest updates and spoilers for "Justice League" will feature a gameplay video of the movie's VR game. Additionally, Armie Hammer denies his part in the Green Lantern role.

VR gameplay

YouTube username Bounty Hunter streamed a gameplay video of the upcoming "Justice League" movie VR experience. Comic book and video game fans will have a chance to play their favorite DC heroes in a virtual world as they can drive around Gotham in Batman's Batmobile, fight Paradaemons in Theymiscra as Wonder Woman, explore the uncharted oceans as Aquaman, or experience the Speed Force as The Flash.

The VR video game will be used as promotional material for the film as "Justice League" will premiere on Nov. 17. The League will fight Steppenwolf and the forces of Apokolips to prevent them from obtaining the three Mother Boxes on Earth. Two of the Mother Boxes were hidden in Theymiscra and Atlantis, while the last one was used to save Victor Stone, transforming him into a cyborg.

Cyborg will likely be the centerpiece of the film's plot as Ray Fisher stated during Asia Pop Comic-Con that his take on Victor will be more "humanized" and will be separate from the comics and the animated shows. Joe Morton, who plays Cyborg's father Dr. Silas Stone, revealed that Victor's hatred for him will be explored in the movie.

Armie Hammer not Green Lantern?

"The Lone Ranger" star Armie Hammer confirmed that he will not play the Green Lantern in the DC Extended Universe as he told ET Canada that he did not receive a call from Warner Bros.

"No, no one's called me," Hammer said, "No one's called me. No, nothing."

Hammer made similar comments about a potential role in the DCEU back in June, but it did not sway fans from thinking that the latter nabbed the role.

After all, Hammer has been known for trolling fans about the subject in social media since December last year.

Green Lantern has been teased to appear in the "Justice League" film, but Warner Bros. did not reveal which member of the group will help the heroes. The studio announced that Hal Jordan and John Stewart will star in the "Green Lantern Corps." movie and their tandem will be similar to the "Lethal Weapon" films.

While it is unknown in which part of the film the Emerald Knight will appear, DC fans are excited to see how the latter will help Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Superman fight off Steppenwolf and his forces to save the world.

There are also rumored reports that Lex Luthor's scene will be cut from the theatrical release, and Superman will likely sport his black Kryptonian suit in the movie.