Jordyn woods has asserted her independence on the latest episode of Kylie Jenner's Reality Tv Series. Kylie's best friend had some things that she wanted to get off her chest and this led to a disagreement between the pair. The tension was palpable as the argument between them was filmed.

The pair are best friends

According to E! News, Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner have been best friends for their entire lives. The pair's friendship has been explored in depth in the reality TV series "Life Of Kylie" and it appears that they are very close. However, it appears that Woods has been feeling trapped in their friendship as of late.

In a report by Hollywood Life, Jordyn Woods opened up to Kylie about the way that she has been feeling. Woods explained that she feels guilty when she is not hanging out with Kylie because she knows that the pair only have one another. It appears that Woods wants to expand on her friendship group and finds this difficult to do because Kylie is always arranging to meet up.

Kylie did not agree with what her friend was saying

According to Hollywood Life, Kylie Jenner did not like what her friend was saying to her. Kylie state that she has never forced Jordyn to do anything that she has not want to do. When Jordyn brought up their recent trip to Miami, she explained to Kylie that she was left waiting on her because she was getting her makeup done.

Kylie stated that she was going to involve Jordyn in her makeup session but that there was obviously a miscommunication between the pair somewhere along the way. While Kylie took Jordyn's words on board it was clear that she was not going to simply agree with what her friends were saying

In a report by E! News, Kylie told Jordyn to stop making it seem like she was being forced into doing things because that would never happen.

Jenner then told Jordyn that she should do whatever she wants to do and that she should not be worried about whether or not that means Kylie has no one to hang out with.

There was definite tension between the pair especially as Jordyn Wood felt that she was not being listened to. She tried to tell Kylie Jenner this but Kylie stated that the entire situation was simply brought about by misunderstandings.

Woods expressed that she feels pressurized by outside forces to always be by Kylie's side but the celebrity model did not appear to take this on board.

It appears that the friends are back on track for now however, fans are convinced it will not be long before they have another falling out.