Jenelle Evans and David Eason have talked about marriage before on "Teen Mom 2," but fans may not have taken the discussion seriously even though they have a child together. Evans has talked marriage with almost every guy she has been with in the past, and she even got married to one of them on "Teen Mom 2." She later got divorced from Courtland Rogers, as she learned that he had been caught with drugs on him. He had told her he was clean, but she didn't believe him. She wanted a divorce because she couldn't trust him and she didn't want his drug problem to cause an issue for her, as she was fighting to get Jace back in her care.

This was years ago, and she's still fighting to get him back.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's excited about her and David's upcoming wedding. They are getting married next weekend, so she still has about ten days to get ready. However, it sounds like Evans has everything ready for the big day. On Twitter, Evans hasn't talked too much about the wedding, but it sounds like there may be a famous person officiating it. At least, it will be someone famous and close to her. She is excited to tell everyone who it is.

Well-known officiant?

Jenelle Evans teased the news on Twitter, and she followed it up with "#epic." It sounds like she is getting her dream wedding and the person officiating the wedding just made the day so much more special.

Jenelle's tweet has the internet in an uproar. Who is the lucky person?

Many of her "Teen Mom 2" fans had plenty of ideas. Some people suspected that singer Ke$ha would be officiating the wedding, as Jenelle once tried to get out of jail time for a Ke$sha concert. Others guessed that it was Dr. Drew, Barbara or even Jenelle's ex-boyfriend Kieffer.

Evans never revealed who it was, but it sounds like she's excited for everyone to see who it is.

What about her family and ex-boyfriend?

Jenelle has revealed that her mother hasn't been invited to the wedding.

They aren't on the best of terms and Evans doesn't see a reason why she should invite her mother. They are fighting out the custody over Jace in court, so Jenelle doesn't want her at her wedding. One can hope that Jace gets to be at the wedding. Evans may not invite her siblings to the wedding either, as they haven't talked in years. Don't expect to see Gary Head, Kieffer Delp, Courtland Rogers, and Nathan Griffith either.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' tweet about her wedding? Who do you think she's talking about?