Jenelle Evans has been keeping a big secret from her "Teen Mom 2" fans. After giving birth to Ensley, she was found to have THC in her blood. Essentially, this means that Evans was smoking pot during her pregnancy, and her daughter was addicted to marijuana when she was born. Evans didn't say anything to fans about this, but people have had plenty to say about this news. Barbara has revealed that she knew about the positive Drug Test after Ensley's birth, but she chose not to say anything to the "Teen Mom 2" fans. Perhaps she wanted to use this leverage to score points in her custody battle over Jace.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now learning that people are actually supporting her through this tough time. While Evans herself hasn't said anything about the positive drug test, it's possible that she knows it could ruin her chances of getting Jace back. Her fans are convinced that she has changed enough for a judge to see that Jace needs to live with his mother and his siblings. Many expressed disappointment over the positive drug test but looked at her overall life.

Fans still hopeful

It sounds like some fans are still hopeful that Jenelle will be able to overcome her decision to smoke pot. Now she has learned that smoking pot isn't good for the baby when she's pregnant, but one can imagine that she would be in deep trouble if more pot was found at the home.

Even though she has denied using drugs, fans are hoping she will realize that she was indeed doing drugs when she was pregnant. The blood test doesn't lie.

"Omg Jenelle so proud of you and how far you have come. I really hope David is a good guy to you cuz you deserve it. You should be happy and feel good where you are in life.

I am trying to catch up on the show and I'm at where you are your mom are going to court for Jace. I hope he gets to go home with you and his siblings," one fan wrote to Evans, sharing that many people are still hoping for positive changes.

Will blood test work against her?

No word on whether the blood test results will work against her in court.

She recently went to court in hopes of getting her son back, but her mother may have seen this as an opportunity to keep Jace even longer. She may bring this up in front of a judge to ensure that she gets to keep Jace in her care.

What do you think about fans not giving up on Jenelle Evans? Do you think her fans have high expectations of her since she has already been caught lying about her life?