Jenelle Evans is trying to prove to everyone that she's a good mother and she's capable of raising her children by herself. She is marrying David Eason later this month, but Evans believes she's ready to take care of her son, Jace. Jace has been living with Barbara his entire life, as Jenelle was not in the right place to care for him. She had no health insurance for her baby and she was more curious about going out than caring for her son. On "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle has been fighting to get her son back and it has been a rough custody battle.

Barbara keeps saying that she doesn't want Jenelle's future husband, David Eason, around Jace.

Apparently, she believes that Jace doesn't like David even though this hasn't been proven. As for Jenelle, she believes that her son likes David, and they along just fine. According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she's excited about her upcoming wedding to David and it sounds like she can ignore their fighting.

Massive fight

On "Teen Mom 2," Evans and David got into a heated argument this week. Jenelle wanted to do something for Mother's Day, but David was busy with their yard. He wanted to lay down the sod they had purchased for the home, but Jenelle wanted to something else where she could be celebrated. David freaked out, slamming tools into the ground. The argument looked heated and this may be why Barbara is scared to leave Jace with Jenelle.

"I love you so much, despite what anyone else thinks. I'm happy, the kids are happy, and you make us this way. That's all that matters. Can't wait to be your wife soon!" Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram, writing a message to David about how excited she is for the future.

Barbara still causing trouble

Jenelle has claimed that her mother is only keeping her son away from her so she can keep filming "Teen Mom 2." Of course, Barbara also gets a paycheck from MTV when she's on the show, so one can imagine that she wants to keep this income going whenever possible.

Jenelle has often pointed to the fact that her mother works at Walmart and it is possible that Barbara enjoys the extra income from MTV. When they were filming the show last year, Jenelle told producers to stop filming her mother for the show, as it only fueled the custody battle between them.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' fight with David Eason on "Teen Mom 2?" Do you understand why Barbara is hesitant to give her custody of Jace again?