Jenelle Evans is counting down the days as she will be marrying her long-time boyfriend, David Eason, on Saturday. Throughout their relationship, Jenelle has revealed that David is the one for her and they decided to have a baby together. Even though they are seen fighting on "Teen Mom 2," Evans reveals that they are more compatible than any of her ex-boyfriends. Of course, Jenelle has dated guys who are addicted to drugs, who cheat, and who abuse her. David doesn't have to do much to do better than them. While Evans is thrilled about marrying David, fans are concerned about her.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is gushing about her upcoming wedding day, but fans can't help but express concern, especially when it comes to his status. Fans don't see him working on "Teen Mom 2." While he is great with her kids, fans worry that he may be using her for her financial situation. Jenelle may have an education, but she isn't putting it to good use. She has been staying at home to care for her daughter Ensley and possibly living off her MTV paycheck.

Money and work

Some fans are worried that David Eason is marrying Jenelle because it puts him in a good financial situation. Her money from MTV now becomes his money. One can hope that Evans is smart about this and has signed a prenup to protect her assets from MTV.

No word on who paid for the house either.

"I really wish you weren't marrying this guy. Does he even work? He seems pretty good at spending your money," one fan pointed out, revealing that there's a trust issue between fans and David. They simply don't trust that he has her best interests at heart.

Jenelle Evans seems to be excited about marrying David and she trusts him 100%.

Perhaps she has her guard down because she trusts that they can be happy together for the rest of her life. However, fans believe that they may divorce and David may come after her for her money. This is something Javi Marroquin is doing now with Kailyn Lowry, as he has filed for child support.

More issues

But money isn't the only issue that is bothering "Teen Mom 2" fans when it comes to David.

He also has a sharp tongue when it comes to Barbara. They believe that he's trying to control her so she doesn't have a relationship with her mother as long as Jace is living with Barbara. He's also making sure that Evans doesn't make an effort to have cordial custody arrangements with Nathan Griffith.

Should Jenelle Evans be protective of her money?