Jenelle Evans, finally, got married to David Eason this Saturday, as she had been hoping and dreaming about this day for a long time. Jenelle revealed that she was excited about marrying David because she felt they were such a good couple together. While they do fight a lot less than Evans did with her ex-boyfriends, it sounds like some fans were indeed skeptical about her nuptials.

Eason supposedly has some anger issues and he struggled to keep them under wraps as they filmed, "Teen Mom 2," earlier this year. He was upset with Barbara about keeping Jace from Jenelle, and he, also, expressed anger over Evans trying to make life easier for Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle didn't see the same red flags and she went through with the wedding.

Because of her previous issues with Nathan Griffith, he had hinted that Kaiser wasn't going to be in the wedding. He revealed that he wasn't going to work with Jenelle and switch weekends, so Kaiser could be in the wedding. When a fan asked him what he would say to Kaiser when he would ask his dad about why he wasn't at the wedding, Nathan may have had second thoughts. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that Kaiser was, indeed, at the wedding and he played a very important role, as he was the ring bearer and proudly carried the rings down the aisle.

Her children played part of the wedding

Before the wedding, Jenelle questioned whether her kids would be at the nuptials.

She revealed that she had planned the wedding to fall on a weekend where she would have Jace, so she didn't have to deal with her mother. She may have worked out an agreement with Nathan to ensure Kaiser was present. She does have full custody of Ensley, as she is also David's daughter.

"My bubba did such a great job! He carried our rings to us very safely!" Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram, sharing a photo of her son Kaiser doing a great job at the wedding.

He looks very proud to be a part of his mother' special day.

Drama up to the wedding

Prior to the wedding, Jenelle Evans did face some reports that hinted she was going through some trouble. This included drama with David at the rehearsal dinner and even some custody issues with Kaiser and Nathan. However, it appears that Evans had her perfect wedding and she loved how everything came together. One can hope she's enjoying the honeymoon these days.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans getting married this weekend? Are you surprised Kaiser was at the nuptials?