"Jane the Virgin" fans rejoice! A new promotional trailer for the show's fourth season has finally been released. Hold onto your seats because it looks like this season things are about to get wild!

According to the new promo, "this season knows no boundaries!." "Jane The Virgin" has always been a show that knows how to surprise its viewers, so it's no shock that fans can't wait to see what the next chapter will hold for Jane and her family.

No Boundaries

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Rogelio filming himself in what looks to be a hospital setting.

He screams into the camera "I demand to be a part of this experience!" and then he proceeds to open a door. In the room we see Darcy getting examined by a gynecologist. As we saw in the last season, Darcy is pregnant with Rogelio's child. So from the looks of it, Darcy has been shutting Rogelio out of some aspects of the pregnancy and now he's ready to demand to be a part of it all. It looks like things are about to get even rockier with these two!

After Rogelio's stunt at the hospital, we see Jane and Xiomara looking shocked while watching a video on Xiomara's phone. It seems Rogelio was sharing a live feed while he was at the hospital because we see Jane exclaiming "Wow, Dad just put Darcy's vagina on Instagram." Poor Darcy.

In another scene we see Petra and Jane talking in a car. Petra asks her, "You are telling me you are 100% over Rafael?", that's when Jane looks to the backseat where we see Rafael is sitting, and answers "A 100% is a big number." As usual, Jane answers with a very honest statement, but how will that answer play into the trio's relationship this season?

Will Rafael correspond her feelings? We'll have to wait and see.

The trailer ends with Jane taking her bra off in a room, and then we see Rafael getting out of the shower. Are they in the same room? The trailer seems to be pointing at some sexy scenes between the pair. Will they get back together again? Or is this some cruel teasing from the producers of the show?

A new love interest

Despite the teasing scenes between Jane and Rafael, we know that this season will feature a new love interest for Jane. Last season we saw Jane running into Adam, her first love. Adam was the one who found Michael's letter and returned it to her.

Although the new trailer doesn't feature Adam (played by Tyler Posey), we get to see him in the new promotional pictures of the first episode for this season. From the looks of it, Jane and Adam are getting quite cozy. Will he be the right guy for Jane? We'll get to find out in October when the fourth season is set to premiere.

Season 4 of "Jane The Virgin" returns Friday, October 13th on The CW.