"It," the movie adaptation of Stephen King's novel, has been Breaking Records and taking the world by storm with its classic tale of an Evil Clown. Although stories about evil clowns have been around for quite some time, it appears that Bill Skarsgard's effective portrayal of an evil clown has played a big part in the success of the movie. Of course, the sound effects, the prosthetics, costumes, and the makeup were also factors in the movie's success. However, even though Skarsgard played the role of the evil clown in "It," many viewers found him to be a hot and sexy clown.

According to Buzzfeed, viewers took to social media to express their admiration for the 27-year old actor despite his role as an evil clown.

Some netizens even joked that because of Skarsgard, they were now drawn to evil clowns and are willing to offer themselves as an offering to Pennywise. The said posts received mixed reactions from fellow netizens, with some agreeing to the fact that Skarsgard made them weak at the knees while some also said that being drawn to an evil clown was beyond weird.

The 'It' smile

Bill Skarsgard has proved that he is one effective actor as he flawlessly portrayed the role of an evil clown and conveyed different emotions despite the heavy makeup on his face. In fact, it seems like he has mastered the art of smiling like an evil clown.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Skarsgard showed his haunting smile as Pennywise when he guested on Conan O'Brien's show.

Before showing off his eerie smile, Skarsgard said that he doesn't need a lot of makeup to give off that scary vibe. And he was right - he effectively channeled Pennywise and gave the viewers a legit scare while watching him.

The element of surprise

Wyatt Olef also shared his firsthand experience with Pennywise and admitted that he, along with the other cast members who were part of The Losers' Club, were actually scared when they first saw Pennywise. He revealed that the director purposely separated them with Pennywise so that the emotions and the reactions during their first meeting on-cam would be real and raw.

And real and raw it was. According to Olef, he actually felt scared when he first saw Bill Skarsgard in full Pennywise glory. He said that seeing a 6-foot-4 man in full evil clown makeup in the flesh was really scary even if they knew that it was only fiction. However, everyone eased up when Bill Skarsgard shook their hands and stopped smiling like an evil clown. "It" is still showing in theaters.