Jenelle Evans has been focusing on her upcoming wedding to David Eason. The couple is set to get married this weekend, but Evans hasn't shared too much about her nuptials on social media other than the fact that fans will be surprised to see who the officiant is. Jenelle has also shared that she's excited about going from Evans to Eason. While she hasn't shared too much on social media about her wedding, the "Teen Mom 2" star has shared pictures of her little daughter Ensley.

Evans recently shared a picture of her daughter with David, where she revealed just how large Ensley's head is on the back.

After followers urged her to get a helmet for the little girl, she deleted the photo. But she did leave some photos up and this sparked some concern.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now being asked whether her adorable little girl Ensley is alright. Some fans believe that the little girl looks sick, even though she shows no sign of being ill. Apparently, one follower thought that Jenelle was essentially praying for her little girl with an Instagram caption. Plus, the follower thought that Ensley was looking rather ill.

Fans show concern

"Jenelle, I asked if she was ok in another post because she looked sick and your caption said "keep shining, beautiful, the world needs your light" & I just got worried.

I think it was just that yellow filter because she looks perfectly healthy in this photo," the follower wrote to Jenelle.

No one person made such direct comments about little Ensley. Perhaps Jenelle Evans thought that her follower was out of line and didn't reply to this specific comment. Just this past week, the news surfaced that Ensley had been born with THC in her system, an ingredient found in marijuana.

People expressed disappointment in Evans, as she should have been more responsible throughout her pregnancy.

History with Child Protective Services

Jenelle Evans' fans tend to take things to the extreme, so it wouldn't be surprising if some of her followers decided to contact Child Protective Services with the hopes of taking a look at Ensley.

Plenty of her haters have done so before and Jenelle recently revealed that Child Protective Services often show up without finding any evidence. She also added that they are on friendly terms and the organization even owns her book.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' daughter being accused of looking sick? Do you think there's cause for concern?