Showtime renewedHomeland for the seventh and eighth seasons that will be the television show’s conclusion. The spy thriller series' co-creator Alex Gansa revealed that its finale will be a two-part high, so they are now gearing up for their first offer.

There will be new faces coming in “Homeland” Season 7. Morgan Spector is going to join the series as Dante Allen, and he might be the one who will look after Saul Berenson's (Mandy Patinkin) case.

Proving Saul’s innocence

Dante Allen is Carrie Mathison’s (Claire Dane's) old friend. He will be investigating the people detained under President Elizabeth Keane’s (Elizabeth Marvel) supervision after the failed assassination incident.

According to the Christian Post, it has not yet been revealed if Carrie is going to use her connection to Dante to help Saul. To recall, he is one of the 200 people detained after the shooting.

If Carrie asks for help, Dante will be the one to prove that Saul is innocent and has nothing to do with the rebellion. In fact, he is just being falsely accused. Carrie might do everything to convince Dante to help Saul, and he might just succeed in clearing the CIA Division Chief of Europe’s name in “Homeland” Season 7.

Carrie vs. President Keane

Den of Geek reported that “Homeland” Season 7 and Season 8 might be about Carrie against President Keane.

In fact, this plotline was even confirmed by the television show’s director and executive producer Leslie Linka Glatter.

"We’re digging into that," she said in an interview with TV Line at the recent Emmy red carpet. The tension between Carrie and President Keane is growing stronger, and it looks like it will be a big battle between the two.

However, Carrie and President Keane’s storyline is not just the main focus of series’ conclusion. "Many other things as well… There are a lot of layers to everything,” Glatter added.

She also teased that it is the plot that she loves about “Homeland.” The show changes every season, so fans will never see the same thing over and over again. She also reconfirmed that Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) is already dead.

Show’s possible release date

Showtime has yet to announce the official return of “Homeland” Season 7 to the small screen.

The television show’s first five seasons all premiered in the fall, while its sixth chapter was the first one to be released in the month of January. From the looks of it, the series has switched schedule with “Shameless.” As the network already revealed that the seventh season will be launched sometime in 2018, it might also come around in the first month of the coming year.