Namie Amuro first debuted when she was 14 as a member of the band Super Monkey's. However, the band received attention from the public only after Namie ventured into modelling and acting. She is one of the first Japanese artists to work with producers outside Japan after her successful singles and albums. Because of her success and longevity in the industry, she was labeled as the "Teen Queen of Japan," the "Queen of J-Pop," the "Japanese Madonna," and the "Japanese Janet Jackson." With such a long standing career in the music and fashion scene, she is one of the top artists of Japan, who sold more than 30 million copies of her albums.

She gave birth to her son Haruto when she was 20. After the birth, she resurfaced and performed on live television. She then continued to release Hit singles and albums which gave her numerous awards in Japan's music industry.

Is this the end of her career?

All through her 25 Years in the industry, Namie was a recording artist, model, businesswoman, singer, dancer, and actress. She ventured into different genres all throughout her music career and also endorsed fashion brands through modelling. Her signature is her well-known RnB sound, which she often dances to in her music videos. Her records were not selling at a consistently high pace throughout the 25 years she spent recording, however, she always bounced back with hit albums like "Play" and "Uncontrolled." On her 40th birthday, Namie announced on her social media accounts her intent to retire on September 16th, 2018.

Namie said that she plans to "make the last year of her music career meaningful by focusing her full attention on creating a final album and performing at concerts".

How is she spending her last year as an artist?

On her Twitter page, she announced a documentary to be aired for her 25th anniversary as an artist. She is also doing a live performance in her hometown Okinawa, Japan.

Fans are sad that Namie is retiring but nonetheless, she had a long and successful career. She made history as a top 3 female performer in Japan.

Namie performed on stage for her hometown in the first of her concerts after announcing her intent to retire. On her Twitter page, Namie updated that an average of 52 000 people watched her 25th anniversary live in Okinawa.

Also according to Namie, she hopes to make this year a memorable one with the help of her fans. She wishes to make her last concerts and albums meaningful as possible.