NBC has released the synopsis for the premiere episode of “Great Newsseason 2. Fans of the hit series will witness the executive producer, Tina Fey, as she brings significant changes in the plot as she portrays the role of Diana, the new boss at “The Breakdown.” Chaos begins when the majority of the staff did not welcome the plans of the new head to reinvent their news program.

Synopsis teased Tina Fey brings a major conflict

The synopsis posted by SpoilerTV reveals the premiere episode will feature a major shake-up in the national cable news show, “The Breakdown.” A new character by the name of Diana St.

Tropez will become the new head of the show and it seems that she also spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Diana is described as a fierce businesswoman who has huge plans for the news program. She aims to revolutionize the show into the 21st century. Unfortunately, not everyone will welcome her ideas to reinvent the show.

Who will like the “Boss Bitch?” Who will not?

Chuck (played by John Michael Higgins) will have difficulty with the new ideas of Diana. The new “Boss Bitch” wants to have a new panel segment that will feature screaming experts. Unfortunately, Chuck will have problems adapting to the new concept.

On the other hand, Katie (played by Briga Heelan), the segment producer at “The Breakdown,” welcomes the new boss with excitement.

Apparently, the former likes the latter’s strong personality, which she also considers as a role model for herself.

However, Katie’s perception of the new boss does not seem approved of her overprotective mom, Carol (played by Andrea Martin). The synopsis reveals the latter is on the lookout as she seems to be seeing a potential danger from the influence of Diana on her daughter.

Series creator Tracey Wigfield has previously revealed that there would also be another character who would be supportive of Diana’s plans. Wigfield told TV Insider that Greg (played by Adam Campbell) “is so excited.” He further teased that the new head gave Greg a new clipboard.

Furthermore, the publication noted that Fey will appear in the first three episodes of season 2.

She will be seen as the “Boss Bitch” and will bring challenges to the team. Whereas, Wigfield continues to portray the role of Beth, the meteorologist at “The Breakdown.”

“Great News” season 2 is set to premiere on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 9:30 p.m. EDT on NBC. Check below the official teaser for the upcoming season.