Female supermodel and celebrity Gigi Hadid has been labeled as “racist,” by many Asians for allegedly mocking the Buddhist faith. She is expected to grace the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year in Shanghai, The Fix reported.

The 22-year-old model has formally announced her participation at the fashion show via her Instagram account. She is joining the other confirmed models at Victoria’s Secret runway show.

She posted, “Forever and ever and ever a dream come true to be asked back to the VS Show! Thank you, my friends... for another unforgettable opportunity.” She added that it made her feel like “a dreaming kid” once again.

But the fans could not seem to move on from one of her videos posted earlier this year, where she was shown mocking the Buddha cookie. Her Instagram announcement received negative responses from netizens. A netizen pointed out that some people are simply blind to anti-Asian racism, just like what Hadid acted out.

The video, which she posted last February, showed her and her sister Bella mocking the Buddha cookie in a restaurant they visited. Gigi Hadid was shown imitating the squinted eyes of the Buddha while holding the food next to her face.

Chinese fan speaks up

A Chinese fan of the female celebrity wrote a comment, noting how her behavior let her down. The post was shared on Twitter.

The fan girl wrote, “I am a Chinese girl, I used to like you so much, but your previous behavior and the current way of apology, really let me down.” I hope you can face the problem, openly apologize to the Chinese people.

So that we will still be friendly to welcome you to participate in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret annual show.”

Hadid replied to one of the comments, “I meant every word of my apology... I have learned to be careful of how my actions can seem or be portrayed, even it wasn’t my intent.”

She hoped that her sincere apology can be accepted by the people who were let down by her actions.

She added that she wished she could meet these people.

Zayn Malik’s reaction

Zayn Malik, the boyfriend of Hadid, reportedly saw how she was devastated by the incident.

The Hollywood Life said that Malik is furious about people accusing his girlfriend of being “racist.”

He always wanted to defend her, but the female model asked him to keep mum about the issue for now. The entertainment website said, “She does not want him feeding the trolls.” The Victoria’s Secret fashion show will be held for the first time in Shanghai, China.