Dr. Bensch has been lurking in the background of "General Hospital for some time. He was on hand when Sam Morgan was admitted because of a brain infection, and he was rejected when he asked Jordan Ashford on a date. Now he seems to be playing Svengali for Kiki and encouraging her in a career in the medical field. Spoiler alerts, however, suggest the new physician in Port Charles may just have a dark side.

The good doctor Bensch may be a predator

At first glance, James Depaiva's character on "General Hospital" brings to mind the veterinarian in the movie "Beethoven," who wore the white lab coat, had the giant coke bottle glasses and was portrayed by Dean Jones.

Something about Dr. Bensch just does not seem right. Rather than flowing with the other hospital staff he seems to just be lurking with a strange smirk on his face.

Out of nowhere, the new physician in Port Charles asks Jordan on a date. This is strange because these two had not had any previous dealings with each other. And suddenly he suggests that Kiki who is barely a licensed nurse assistant should be enrolled in medical school. He seems to be taking the young girl under his wing and she is clearly enamored, but perhaps she should be wary. Spoiler alerts suggest there may be something sinister about this man and he may be a predator who does not take kindly to rejection.

Jordan and Kiki should be cautious but Dr. Obrecht should take notice

If Spoiler alerts are correct then both Jordan and Kiki need to be very cautious.The police commissioner has already turned Dr. Bensch down for a date and could be on his revenge list. If he tries to get fresh with Ms. Jerome and she says no, this man could explode.

The only one in Port Charles who may be suited to handle the good doctor may be Liesl Obrecht. He certainly seems to be a male version of her cunning and evil, while upholding her promise to medical science.

Interestingly Spoiler alerts, have mentioned Alexis, rather than Obrecht as a possible romantic interest for the good doc.

Fans, however, realize that her heart belongs only to Julian Jerome. If Dr. Bensch has ulterior motives for working at "General Hospital", they have yet to be revealed. Until such time it will be interesting to watch the creepy doctor making his rounds with the patient's and also the residents of Port Charles. Stay tuned week day afternoons on ABC to find out what this new physician in Port Charles is really up to. And whether or not he truly has a dark side.