Internationally-acclaimed actor Gary Oldman is getting several positive reviews from various media for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the movie “Darkest Hour.” Churchill was a renowned British political figure who served as the United Kingdom Prime Minister during the Second World War.

“Darkest Hour” features Oldman as the controversial British prime minister on his early days in office. The movie also tells the story of the challenges that his character has faced during the war. The film is directed by Joe Wright and the screenplay is written by Anthony McCarten.

The rave reviews the actor has been getting might just hand him the next Oscar awards. Oldman has just been nominated once for the award before for his performance in “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.”

Among his most notable performances include portrayals of Sirius Black in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol,” Commissioner James Gordon in “The Dark Knight Rises,” and Dr. Dennett Norton in “Robocop.” He also appeared quite a number of times on television.

Rave reviews

According to Variety, Oldman’s performance in “Darkest Hour” is not like his previous movie stints, since the character he plays is now just known from archives, old photographs, and radio recordings.

But despite this, the actor has constructed Churchill back as if he is back from the dead, “full-bodied and impressively nuanced version” of the popular British figure.

The Hollywood Reporter said that the actor played his role with an energetic performance that even matched the personality of the prime minister that the public has admired.

This stint can help the actor generate a new group of fans. The review added Oldman has played the role physically and vocally that may not have matched that of the prime minister, but can still match those seen in the actual footage, recordings, and news reels.

Release date

There was also another review from IndieWire that said Oldman has portrayed a character who is “larger than life itself.” This recent movie stint becomes his first lead performance throughout film history that worked in its own distinct way.

The actor has met his match but was done in such a way that is distinct but functional.

“Darkest Hour” was shown for an early release during the recently concluded Telluride Film Festival in Colorado. This Focus Features movie is slated to be shown in the United States on November 22, 2017.