Trump campaign staffers have recently revealed surprising information about President Donald Trump. They claim he has modeled his image on Winston Churchill. The story was first released by the New York Times and was cited by the Guardian. President's looks have been heavily parodied in media, most notably in the show "South Park".

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a World War II hero. In addition, he won the Nobel Prize. Many would argue that Trump and Churchill have very little in common.

Winston Churchill is an inspiration to President Trump

Staffers who worked on the Trump campaign were reportedly told by the president himself that he wanted to look like Winston Churchill in photographs. Trump allegedly wanted to appear tougher in the media. In photographs, he usually scowls and squints.

Trump's image played a large part during the election. During his presidential campaign, he vetoed any photographs in which he looked weak. Tim O’Brien, author of “TrumpNation", claims that the President is deeply insecure about how he is perceived in the public. According to O'Brien, this is the main reason behind many of Trump's furious twitter outbursts.

Churchill and Trump have very little in common

Winston Churchill, a war hero, a powerful politician, a writer and a painter has little in common with President Trump. He achieved a large number of accomplishments. Most notably, he had fought in four wars and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. His famous speech about the Iron Curtain marked the beginning of the Cold War.

Donald Trump, a real estate millionaire, had avoided the draft for the Vietnam War. His father handed him his company when he was 25. At the time, Trump was accused of discriminating against African Americans who wanted to rent apartments in his buildings. Prior to becoming President, he had no political experience. Former President Barack Obama was famously accused by Trump of faking his birth certificate in order to be able to run for President.

Donald Trump's looks are a frequent source of parody

Artists across the world have used Donald Trump's image for parody. Most notably, American television show “South Park” parodied the president in its latest season.

“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone followed Trump's journey to the White House in their hit comedy show. However, they soon found it hard to satirize the new President. They stated that the real-life scenarios provided by Trump were funnier than anything they could create. The pair added that the next season would feature less political material.