Game of Thrones” season 7 completed last week. Seven weeks seem to have passed up real quick with the installment consisting of all the right battles, characters, and reunions. While some may debate, but the season finale was perhaps among the best of them all. Not only did it provide clarity on many important matters but the ultimate Clegane face-off finally occurred as well.

Sandor and Clegane relationship

As pointed by Cinema Blend, the last episode brought both the brothers, Sandor and Gregor Clegane together again. A long-awaited badass confrontation took place between the two at DragonPit of King’s Landings.

The Hound fearlessly walked to The Mountain and threw a slew of taunts at him. Before walking off, he stated, “You know what’s coming for you brother.” It seemed as if Gregon was alive somewhere, inside all that flesh and meat that stood in the form of Cersei's protector.

The rumored plot of the show

A new fan theory now suggests that the Clegane brother face-off will finally take place in the next and the final season. Towards the beginning of the seventh season, The Hound was encouraged by Beric Dondarrion to get over his fear of fire and instead, take it face-on. When he finally mustered up the courage to face the fire, he saw a vision of a Mountain that Jon and his army face beyond the wall.

There are only a limited number of characters in the entire, “Game of Thrones” series who can see visions in flames. Up till now, the red-haired Melisandre is the only one who could pull the deed off. She claimed to have a connection to the Lord of Light but even she is delivered answers after several sacrifices. Sandor Clegane, on the other hand, saw a vision almost immediately which is of significant importance about his true identity.

All throughout the series, the fans have been informed of how Sandor’s face was burned every time he’d steal Gregor’s toys. The new theory claims that the childhood tale does not narrate all the events that actually took place. Gregor was told by Sandor that he would die in flames, and thus he tried burning him out of fear.

The one-way conversation that Sandor had with Gregor now stands explained, as he tells him, “You know what’s coming for you, brother.” What is known for sure is that Gregor Clegane or The Mountain, will surely be meeting his maker towards the end of the eighth season? Regardless of how he dies, this makes most “Game of Thrones” very happy.