Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have recently confirmed that they are a couple after months of rumors. However, some secrets belonging to Foxx may change their newly affirmed relationship status. Katie Holmes has allegedly been betrayed by her boyfriend in a huge way and fans are waiting to see the fallout. Holmes has not commented on the couple's current situation.

Foxx's secret is revealed

According to Radar Online, it has been revealed that Jamie Foxx has been Keeping Secrets from his current girlfriend, Katie Holmes. Holmes and Foxx have been dating for several months now but have not been able to be together in public as part of Holmes' divorce agreement with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The fact that their relationship had to be kept on the down low has reportedly enabled Jamie Foxx to hide secrets from Holmes.

In a report by Enstars, Katie Holmes has learned that Jamie Foxx has been turning his back on his family. Foxx's aunt Veronica has reportedly been reaching out to her nephew for some financial aid for her grandson. Veronica's grandson J.J suffered a lifelong injury during a car accident when he was ejected from the vehicle leaving his neck and spine broken.

Veronica has reportedly expressed that she has been desperately trying to get in contact with Jamie Foxx and is asking for $5,000 to help with the ongoing care of her twenty-year-old grandson. Veronica has expressed her anger with her nephew as she stated that Foxx and J.J know one another.

She is extremely bitter about the situation and believes that Foxx should be doing more the help out.

The actor has two children with past flings

According to Enstar, Jamie Foxx has been hiding another secret from girlfriend Katie Holmes. It has been reportedly confirmed that Foxx has two secret children with past flings and did not tell Katie about their existence.

Holmes feels utterly betrayed by Jamie Foxx and fans are wondering if she is going to break up with the actor.

In a report by Radar Online, it has been confirmed that the mothers of Foxx's two children are availing the actor's money. One of the mothers reportedly drives one of Foxx's cars and lives in the LA area under the name of Jamie Foxx's lawyer and financial advisor.

The other mother is reportedly living a life of luxury, which is all paid for by Foxx himself.

Reportedly, Katie Holmes feels utterly betrayed by her boyfriend especially as she has been candid about her own daughter Suri. This information has come to light days after Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were spotted going on a romantic stroll on the beach.

Fans are extremely disappointed in Jamie Foxx as he may have kept such an important part of his life from Katie Holmes. It appears that the couple may be breaking up just weeks after they confirmed they are a couple.