After being in the hot seat, Fifth Harmony proves to the rest of the world that they can pull it off without their former bandmate Camila Cabello. The quartet released the surprise music video of “Angel” (a Skrillex-produced track) a day after it was released as single following their track “Down.”

In the music video, each of them (Ally Brooke Hernandez, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei) received a lot of screen time and they absolutely rocked the very stylistic video directed by David Camarena. This single is part of the album that the group will be releasing on August 25 as a quartet.

This is also the first full-length album that the group will be releasing without Camila Cabello.

What Fifth Harmony has to prove

It has been a great challenge to the group when Camila Cabello decided to pursue her solo career and leave the group back in December. Rumors have been spreading that the group might be missing a big part of their performances without Cabello.

However, 5H absolutely nailed their newest music video with their fierce, bold, and sexy vibe. This is a very big proof that the girls can proudly say to their critics. Although they have started on a very rough road with their release of their single “Down,” they immediately got back up and showed the people what they are truly capable of.

While the group have already showcased how sexy they could be from their very first album “Reflection,” their performance in the music video of “Angel” was even more stunning and anyone can say how much they have transformed and how far they can go without Cabello.

5H uses Cabello’s exit as a chance to start over

Fifth Harmony members appeared on the cover of “Seventeen” magazine’s October issue and commented that Cabello’s exit from the group gave them a chance for a fresh new start and a new era of showcasing their exceptional talents.

Ally Brooke also added that they’ve been to ups and sad downs but they will continue to write their narrative together.

21-year-old 5H member Normani Kordei also said during the interview in the “Seventeen” magazine that it is so beautiful to see the four of them in a single page. She also added that there is nothing they can’t get through together.

In a similar note, Camila Cabello opens up about how it feels recording on her own. Cabello said that it is totally different recording alone. She said that back when they were recording as a group, they would record songs for two weeks and referring it as a fast process unlike what is experiencing now.