Farrah Abraham decided that she and her daughter Sophia needed some time away, so she planned an elaborate trip to Italy. Farrah has been sharing photos from the trip, but it isn't exactly known who else is on the trip.

While Abraham and Sophia are definitely bonding, it sounds like someone else is with them, as there's someone taking their pictures all the time. There is no word on whether she has brought her mother with her, as they had a fight on "Teen Mom OG."

It is also possible she brought Simon Saran even though they are no longer an official couple.

But it isn't who Farrah has on the trip that is causing headlines.

This weekend, Farrah Abraham posted a picture of herself and her daughter Sophia walking the streets of Italy. In one of the pictures, her daughter Sophia is wearing her bathing suit and a jean jacket. Her buttocks are showing, and Farrah encouraged this behavior by writing "suns out buns out." According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham is now facing some harsh criticism from followers who believe she's exposing her daughter.

Exposing her daughter to strangers

In the same tweet, Farrah Abraham also shared pictures of them having fun in Italy, including a picture of Farrah and Sophia designing a sculpture she called "mommy dearest." While it sounds like they are having fun, fans are concerned for Sophia who is exposing parts of her body.

As one person pointed out, Farrah should think about men who are looking at this. She points out that Abraham's decision to let her daughter walk around like this is sad and brings up concerns about molestation or even kidnapping.

Many others chimed in with concerns over her parenting decisions.

A return to adult entertainment

It sounds like Farrah Abraham doesn't have a concern when it comes to her daughter's outfit.

She didn't condone her daughter wearing a bathing suit, as she herself was showing off parts of her body. But maybe that's because she's making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days.

Abraham was recently featured in an online video where people could buy access to see the results of her vaginal rejuvenation procedure. There are also reports that she may be returning to the adult entertainment world. Perhaps she wants to film another video so she can get more money from Vivid Entertainment.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham showing off her daughter's buttocks? Are you surprised that she's being attacked so much because of the look?