Jennifer Lopez is making headlines as she is said to have donated $1 million to Puerto Rico days after Hurricane Maria. She also took to Instagram asking for help from her followers to spread the word about providing aid for the island in light of Hurricane Maria’s aftermath.

With the territory’s flooded streets and destroyed homes and buildings brought about by Hurricane Maria, residents may not have electricity for some time.

Jennifer Lopez, however, took it upon herself to help the victims of the hurricane by pledging $1 million. According to Vulture, the proceeds from her Las Vegas show will help fund the recovery efforts that need to be done in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, she and Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player, have joined efforts into gathering support from other sources to help those in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Jennifer Lopez’s help

On September 22, J. Lo took to Instagram announce her desire to help those who were affected by Hurricane Maria. She posted a short video to that asked her followers to help spread the word about the devastating conditions of Puerto Rico.

During the video, she shared that she has yet to hear from her family in Puerto Rico and that others are waiting as well. Furthermore, she is also trying to find the best way to help the people who survived urging to support and donate what they can. Lopez is also said to be working together with Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks’ J.J.

Barea, ex-husband Marc Anthony, and the New York Yankees to raise more funds to ship necessities needed in the territory.

Hurricane Maria’s aftermath

The recent hurricane that hit Puerto Rico and the Caribbean have left devastating damages. Many of the roads are not passable as they are blocked by debris while some of the old roads are gone which have isolated many residents and even government officials from the outside world.

According to CNN, it is reported that there are at least 10 people who were confirmed to have died during the event. In light of Hurricane Maria, Jennifer Lopez is not the only one providing help. US President Donald Trump has also sent aid by pledging 4,000 US Army Reserves to help in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands’ recovery efforts.

Recent updates have also said that residents have limited to no access to cell signal as more than 95% of wireless cell sites have been destroyed. This is causing unrest among families and loved ones in Puerto Rico and abroad. As of the time of writing, it is unknown when communication towers will be back up.