Demi Lovato has been working hard recently as she continues to build her brand and new image. The star had to take a few months away from the limelight in the earlier stages of her career to deal with life-threatening issues. Lovato recently appeared on the "Johnathan Ross" show and spoke candidly about these issues and the support she received from family and friends.

The star has always been open about her struggles

According to the Daily Mail, singer Demi Lovato has always spoken candidly about her past struggles with addiction. Fans first got to know Demi Lovato when she starred on the Disney channel show "Sonny with a Chance" and the popular "Camp Rock" movie.

Demi's problems began when she was starring on the show as the young actor turned to alcohol and drugs.

Lovato recently appeared on the "Johnathan Ross" show where she opened up about the struggles that she has faced in her life. Demi stated candidly that she used to self-harm and had severe mental health issues such as depression. The star revealed that she used to hide her self-harm scars with makeup whenever she had to appear for an event.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Demi has stated that during that difficult time in her life she had a lot of support. The singer recalled her manager at the time and the love she received from close friends. Lovato claimed that she does not think she would still be alive today without their help.

Lovato spoke about her intervention

According to the Daily Mail, Demi Lovato also delved into the moment when she was finally confronted about her ongoing addictions and mental health issues. She revealed that over the years she had had several interventions from concerned family members and friends. However, Lovato stated there was one intervention in particular where everyone had agreed that they were going to abandon Demi unless she got help.

This moment jolted her into the realization that she needed to get help. The former actor revealed that she realized she had hit rock bottom and needed to begin her journey towards recovery. The singer stated that while she was drinking excessive alcohol and partaking in drugs her parents had banned her from seeing her little sister.

Demi revealed that this was a huge motivating factor for her to get sober, as she wanted her relationship with her younger sister back. Lovato went to a rehabilitation center where she finally got the help she needed. The singer now co-owns a treatment facility and is working towards being an inspiration to people with similar issues that she faced in her life.

The singer has recently been getting her life in order as she has released new sportswear line and has released her sixth studio album to date titled "Tell Me You Love Me."