"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the end of the week reveal that there will be some heartwarming scenes headed to Salem, especially when it comes to Abe Carver. Meanwhile, Paul will begin closing in on Hattie's lies, while Chad and Abigail will begin to share their happy news with friends and family members.

Abe has an emotional reunion with Theo

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" spoilers, Abe Carver will be released from jail after the Salem Police Department arrests Commissioner Raines for his part in Dario Hernandez's counterfeiting scheme.

Raines, who is also the man who ran down Abigail Deveraux and nearly killed her, almost took Gabi Hernandez's life as well. However, Rafe, Eli, and Hope swooped in to save her before she could be hurt. Now, Abe will hold a press conference to reveal that he had been innocent the entire time and that he was working with the Salem PD in a sting operation in hopes of catching Raines and putting him behind bars. Salem citizens will likely be shocked, and no one will be happier about Abe's release than Theo, Lani, and Valerie. Abe and Theo will have an emotional and sweet reunion, and likely be ready to celebrate Abe's freedom.

Hattie's lies are unraveling

Meanwhile, Paul is beginning to catch on to Hattie's deception.

Paul has already been questioning Marlena's behavior, not knowing that it is actually Hattie pretending to be his step-mother, and he's not the only one. Both Marlena's son, Eric Brady, and her step-son, Brady Black, have also thought that something just wasn't right with their mom. Marlena's ex-husband, Roman Brady, also got a shock when Hattie laid a kiss on him, which caused John Black to punch him in the face.

It seems that Hattie is not doing as good of a job being Dr. Evans as she originally thought.

Although "Days of our Lives" fans know that the people who know about her plot, John and the real Marlena are locked in a psychiatric hospital, it seems that Hattie's days living as Marlena are coming to a quick end. People are quickly catching on to the odd behavior, and it appears that she will be ousted in the coming days.

Chad and Abigail share their big news

In addition, "Days Of Our Lives" viewers will also get some quality Chad and Abigail scenes on Thursday, as the newly engaged couple will rush to share their exciting wedding news with Abby's family members, Jennifer and JJ. "DOOL" fans know that Chad and Abigail have decided to have a double wedding with their close friends Sonny Kiriakis and Paul Narita, but spoilers reveal that something big is coming, and it could jeopardize the big wedding days plans.