Days Of Our Lives” spoilers tease that some big storylines are about to swerve, and fans cannot wait to watch this drama play out. Both Chad and Abigail, as well as Sonny and Paul, are ready to tie the knot, but an intruder is about to arrive and reveal news that will turn everything upside down. What “DOOL” spoilers are available regarding this twist?

Ben Weston crashes the wedding in Salem

According to She Knows Soaps, the Friday, September 29 episode will show everybody in Salem gathering for the double wedding. However, “Days of Our Lives” spoilers indicate that there will be trouble brewing, and that has to do with the mysterious patient who just broke out of a hospital.

Those who have been following “DOOL” spoilers for the past few months already know who this is: Ben Weston.

Ben will be surprising everybody at the wedding beginning on Monday's episode. Unlike some previous appearances from Ben, played by Robert Scott Wilson, he's truly there in the flesh this time. Ben is crashing the wedding, but “Days of Our Lives” teasers hint that his appearance won't be the biggest shocker set to play out. “DOOL” spoilers reveal that he will be announcing that Will Horton is still alive, and spoilers fans know that Chandler Massey is returning to the role.

The twist with Will impacts everybody in Salem

Just how can Will be alive when “DOOL” viewers watched Ben kill him on-screen?

Days of Our Lives” spoilers detail that scenes have been reshot to put Wilson's Ben and Massey's Will together, and writers are going to throw some kind of twist into the mix to explain how Will isn't really dead. This Horton death left viewers outraged, so while this twist is a stretch to some, the response to Will's resurrection has been positive so far.

Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the week of October 2 indicate that one couple will go ahead and tie the knot, and it seems that this refers to Abigail and Chad. Unfortunately for Paul, the revelation that Will is still alive throws a major wrench into his anticipated future with Sonny. Kiriakis will head off to find his former love and “DOOL” teasers from TV Insider share that beginning October 13, Alison Sweeney will be back as Sami to shake things up even further.

How will the show pull off this resurrection of Will Horton and will “DOOL” embrace it? Are Abigail and Chad really destined for a happy ending together now, and will Sonny and Will reunite as fans are hoping? Stay tuned for additional “Days of Our Lives” spoilers as this huge storyline plays out and shakes up everything in Salem.