There is great news out for Days Of Our Lives fans, as the network has renewed the soap opera for a 52nd season. There had been rumors swirling that a cancellation might be on the way, and this buzz escalated when word came out that Megyn Kelly was going to be joining NBC. Now, however, fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the drama in Salem will continue for another year.

'DOOL' will return for another year on NBC

TVLine broke the news of the “Days of Our Lives” renewal for its 52nd season. The soap recently made a significant change behind-the-scenes when it got rid of Dena Higley as the co-head writer and brought former “General Hospital” writer Ron Carlivati into the mix.

Heading into the new year of episodes, Carlivati will remain and Ryan Quan will be staying with the series as well.

Rumors of a “Days of Our Lives” cancellation have swirled frequently over the past few years, but the speculation intensified with the Megyn Kelly announcement. The network insisted that there was no correlation between the two topics and luckily now “DOOL” viewers can rest assured that they will have plenty to look forward to when it comes to the shenanigans in Salem.

What do 'DOOL' spoilers reveal is on the way?

What do “Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal about what's coming up next? Soap Central teases that things will remain complicated between Nicole and Chloe over baby Holly and Brady will do his best to help Nicole get her baby.

Hope remains worried about what Andre may try to do and Chad and Gabi will be battling for survival as JJ and Abigail desperately race to find them.

Gabi and Chad will be rescued soon, but the situation will be causing more stress for Abby as it plays out. Marlena and Eric are going to be reunited after his release from prison and Julie struggles to move forward after David's passing.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the upcoming weeks and months tease some big developments and now that the writers know that they are heading into another year of shows, they'll be able to tackle some long-term storylines.

Were you worried that “Days of Our Lives” might actually get canceled or were you confident that “DOOL” would be renewed? Stay tuned for additional spoilers as the drama in Salem continues and the 52nd season begins.