Dakota Johnson rose to fame when she landed the lead role in the “fifty shades” franchise as Anastasia Steele, a trilogy based on a novel of the same name by English author E. L. James. Her co-star, Jamie Dornan also earned international recognition as Christian Grey in the franchise. Together, both stars have been one of the most hot-topics among fans and their on-screen chemistry is one of the reasons why the trilogy is such a hit. However, their fame has also been surrounded by controversies including their alleged affair despite the Irish actor’s marriage to Amelia Warner.

Now, the 27-year-old actress is annoyed with the people who keep judging her since she signed onto the trilogy.

Dakota speaks up about the bad side of being famous

Dakota Johnson is the cover of Vogue Spain October issue, which was recently shared on Instagram. The actress looks stunning while she poses in her “bedazzled bodysuit, high heels, and red lipstick.” She also opened up about her feelings on being a famous Hollywood star and its downside. Apparently, she is not happy at how people judged her when she was signed onto the “Fifty Shades” franchise.

“It’s like an incessant mosquito noise. Very weird," Dakota Johnson told the magazine about the wrong side of a celebrity. "People are feeling the need not only to judge everyone all the time but also to pronounce themselves on it, it’s extremely boring.

A waste of energy and time.” So, it looks like our girl here is tired of hearing or reading different comments from people around the world. She’s been one of the talk-of-the-town celebrities after landing the lead role in the trilogy. Additionally, being the daughter of an award-winning actress, Melanie Griffith, also gains her a lot of attention especially from those who have seen the last two movies.

Is she becoming a ‘diva’?

As one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Dakota Johnson reportedly gave the “Fifty Shades Freed” crew a headache. An alleged insider recently told Radar Online that she is becoming a diva and incredibly out of control that the producers had to ask help from her mother. Even Jamie Dornan is no longer speaking to her because of it.

The news came out a few months after director James Foley praised her for being intelligent in the world of acting and was even impressed with her works. She is yet to comment on this issue.

What do you reckon about her recent comments about being a celebrity? Is Dakota Johnson tired of being one?