A new music breakthrough is set to happen as Korean boy-band BTS and U.S. duo The Chainsmokers announced their upcoming collaboration. It was revealed that the two groups have prepared new tunes for their respective followers.

According to Billboard, Chainsmokers’ very own Andrew Taggart has worked with BTS rap line, namely Rapmonster, Suga, and J-Hope. They created the track to include it in the upcoming album of the K-pop group: “Love Yourself: Her.”

BTS and The Chainsmokers collaboration

MTV reported that the upcoming song is entitled “Best of Me,” which features the prominent pop-EDM signature of the American duo.

This news was confirmed by Enes Kolenovic of The Chainsmokers management on Sept. 11, 2017. It was a week before BTS announced their album and Andrew Taggart served as the co-writer of the track.

Meanwhile, the US Duo performed in Busan the same day this collaboration was announced, following their performance in Seoul. Of course, this sets high expectations for the K-pop group’s new album. The collaboration is marked as the first one for BTS. It definitely adds more sensation to their recent popularity not only in Korea but also in the international scene.

Ever since BTS won the Top Social Media rank on Billboard, the group has met with several artists from the U.S.

This includes Camilla Cabello, Halsey and where they also met The Chainsmokers. It can be recalled that the US duo posted a photo on social media with a caption saying, “See you guys this summer.”

‘Love Yourself: Her’

The new album was immediately well-received by the BTS fandom ARMY. There are over 1.05 million pre-orders worldwide before the official release on September 18.

Her” is the album following BTS’ “Wings” era and its extension album “You Never Walk Alone.” Wings reach the 26th spot on Billboard in October 2016 while the former became Billboard 200’s highest charting K-pop album.

There are several concepts under the “Love Yourself” umbrella and “Her” is only one of them. BTS has recently released their comeback preview entitled “Serendipity,” a solo track from one of their hottest members Park Jimin.

Except for Highlight reels and several photo teasers, it is safe to say that many surprises are yet to be revealed until the new album is finally released.

Furthermore, it is no surprise that BTS’ “Love Yourself: Her” immediately became a hit. It can be recalled that their “Wings” tour gained a lot of attention after concerts were sold out around the world.