Brad Pitt has apologized to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston for the way he treated her when they were together. Pitt was not an ideal husband and has claimed that Jennifer had to put up with more than her fair share when they were together, including his infidelity. Aniston was deeply touched by the apology and it appears that the hurt between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston is beginning to heal.

A source has revealed that Pitt has apologized to Aniston

According to the India Times, a source close to actor Brad Pitt has revealed that the actor has apologized to Jennifer Aniston.

The couple was married when Brad Pitt had an affair with Angelina Jolie when the two actors met on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

The source has claimed that Brad wants to apologize for cheating on his wife and for everything that he put her through. It is clear that Brad Pitt has turned a new leaf now that he has got back in control of his alcohol addiction and drug use. The source stated that Brad apologized to Jennifer Aniston for being an absent husband and for being stoned and bored for the majority of their five-year marriage to one another.

In a report by In Touch, this was the most honest and open conversation between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston broke down in tears after hearing Pitt's apology as all of the hurt bubbled back to the surface.

Aniston greatly appreciated Pitt's apology and she and Brad have now reached a new level of closeness in their friendship.

The star also revealed how his struggles with alcohol affected his relationship with Jolie

According to the Independent, Brad Pitt has been very open about his struggles with alcohol and has stated that it was his addiction and alcohol use that led to the breakdown of his marriage with Angelina Jolie.

Pitt has claimed that he was drinking heavily in the months leading up to the pair's separation and was sleeping on friends couches.

In an interview with GQ Style, Pitt revealed that there had not been a day since he graduated from college when he did not drink or do drugs. He claimed that he stopped taking drugs and only turned to alcohol when his children joined the family, however, it appears that his dependency on alcohol began to spiral out of control.

The star is now determined to win his wife Angelina Jolie and his family back. He has been attending therapy to help him deal with his problems and claims that he has tackled the initial step and is not drinking anymore. It is his goal to remain sober and abstain from alcohol in the future.

Angelina Jolie is impressed with her husband's efforts however; they are still filing for divorce though the proceedings have slowed down.