After Daniel Craig confirmed his return as the fictional secret service agent in the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the alleged plot of the so-called Bond 25 leaked. Allegedly, 007 is now married, but his wife is going to die, which might ignite his return in the “Double-O” branch.

It was reported in March that the previous James Bond screenwriters Robert Wade and Neal Purvis will return to handle the new script. Other details about the upcoming film are merely assumptions as people behind its production have yet to reveal its official storyline.

The leaked plot

There are swirling rumors that Léa Seydoux will return to reprise her role as Dr. Madeleine Swann in “Bond 25.”

To recall, James Bond and Madeleine walked away together in “Spectre.” So in the new film, they will allegedly be seen in the opening scene as a married couple. He, too, allegedly quits the Secret Service.

“Bond quits the secret service, and he’s in love and gets married,” an insider said (via Page Six). The movie is said to be like Liam Neeson’s “Taken” with the inclusion of 007. However, his wife gets killed by his enemies. This event will ignite his return in the “Double-O” branch to take revenge for his spouse’s death.

An adaptation of the classic movie

It is not yet revealed if this will be “Bond 25” official storyline or its writers will rework the leaked plot.

However, some fans expect that James Bond will be finally married in the movie’s next installment.

In the original story of the franchise’s book versions, Ian Fleming wrote that the secret service agent will be tying the knot and will eventually settle down with his wife. In fact, in the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service novel and film adaptations, he is married to Tracy Draco, played by Diana Rigg who was Olenna Tyrell in “Game of Thrones.” Then, his wife was brutally murdered by his number one enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

The 1969 film

According to Cinema Blend, the 1969 film is the only movie where George Lazenby played James Bond.

It has the most different take in the franchise’s history because of its unusual storyline. In the classic film, Bond saves Draco, and they end up tying the knot. Before they can even start a life of their own, Blofeld ruined everything.

People who have watched “Spectre” already knew who Blofeld is, played in the new movies by Christoph Waltz. Thus, there is a big possibility that he, too, is going to be seen in “Bond 25.” The 60-year-old star might play a different version of the classic character, but he could still be his main villain that would kill Bond's wife.