CBS is going to expand the “Big Brother” franchise into the regular September to May season. The network also has plans for its first ever celebrity edition scheduled to air this winter.

The special winter edition of the long-running reality show has been a staple since the year 2000 and will still feature multiple episodes per week during a concentrated run, as well as the live eviction. Julie Chen will be hosting the star-studded “Big Brother.”

Celebrity edition

The upcoming season of "Big Brother" will include a live show companion “Big Brother After Dark” in collaboration with Pop TV which will provide viewers unfiltered footages of happenings inside the house during wee hours.

Executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan said in Variety that “Big Brother” has been dominating pop culture throughout its 19 seasons. They also expressed their excitement for this coming winter since it’s the first celebrity edition in America.

The celebrity contestants will be under the surveillance of the “Big Brother’s” cameras, and they will be facing different game elements. Alongside with this, according to Grodner and Meehan, the season will surely be packed with surprises brought by the special events prepared for this winter.

CBS Entertainment president, Kelly Kahl, said that “Big Brother” has been a rating winner since its inception in 2000 and it keeps its reputation because of passionate viewers across multiple platforms—live streaming, on-air, and on social.

Although it is the first time in the US, “Big Brother” celebrity edition has already been a format in the UK for quite some time now. Some of the casts in their previous seasons include Ivana Trump, Perez Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Stephen Baldwin, and many others.

‘Big Brother’s’ celebrity contestants and release date

Aside from the information, CBS has announced, there are no other details about the exact date of when the show will air and its cast.

However, speculations from avid viewers of the show are surfacing.

Some say that the upcoming season should feature celebrity housewives, that way the show would be more intense and somewhat controversial.

julie chen, however, said that the cast for this season is not going to be all Oscar winners.

The show will still have the same elements and routines just like the earlier seasons. Head of the Household, Power Veto and 24/7 live feeds will also be providing late night telecast of the show alongside with Pop TV.