“Big Brother” star Paul Abrahamian has long said he’s all about friendship, but he may have made a serious enemy in his former housemate Jason Dent. Jason, the latest victim of Paul’s elaborate scheming in the “Big Brother” house, told TV Guide he has lost all respect for the Season 18 veteran after his blindside eviction.

In his goodbye message to Jason, “Big Brother” player Josh Martinez dropped the bombshell that Paul Abrahamian had orchestrated his eviction by concocting an elaborate plan to get him out of the CBS summertime house. Jason told TV Guide Josh’s tidbit was enough to make him change his tune on his former ally, Paul.

Dent explained that Paul’s whole premise has been “friendship and not betraying” your word. “So if he orchestrated that he's dead to me,” Jason said.

‘Big Brother’ betrayal

“Big Brother” fans know that Paul Abrahamian did indeed orchestrate Jason Dent’s blindside eviction after convincing him that he would just be a pawn on the chopping block against Kevin Schlehuber. Christmas Abbott, who is also in a final three deal with Paul, ultimately cast the deciding vote to evict Jason after an initial tiebreaker between Kevin and him, but the betrayal all goes back to Paul in Jason Dent’s eyes.

Jason Dent had no words for any of his housemates when his eviction was announced. Jason angrily stormed out of the house without saying goodbye to anyone, then minutes later revealed to “Big Brother" host Julie Chen that he believed it was Alex Ow or Abrahamian that had turned against him.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jason Dent slammed Paul’s explanation that he was surrounded by a bunch of “counterfeits” in the “Big Brother” house. But Jason told EW “counterfeit” happens when Paul and Alex throw a Head of Household competition to Christmas Abbott, who is still on crutches after breaking her foot.

Alex probably won’t get Jason’s vote either

Jason Dent also feels that Alex Ow didn’t have his back in the final moments of his “Big Brother” game. While Alex actually didn’t vote against him, Dent won’t know all of the details on that until it’s too late. Jason Dent has already admitted he would like to see anyone other than Paul Abrahamian or Alex Ow win the “Big Brother” $500,000 grand prize, which is almost hard to believe since Alex had been his ride or die all season.

Jason Dent will get a chance to question Paul Abrahamian and Alex Ow if either of them makes it to the final two in the “Big Brother 19” finale next week.