Beyoncé wasn’t the first among celebrities to donate big dollars to help Hurricane Harvey victims, but for Queen Bey, this terrible hit was personal. She wanted to do more than writing a check, and do more than a drop-in visit to see the funds were going to the good of people in need. Houston is the heart of her memories, the beginning of finding her voice, in more ways than one. She took time to organize her BeyGood Foundation efforts to move out from her roots at St. John's Church, and go directly to points and people in dire need.

Her weekend was real and rewarding, as reported in Rolling Stone on September 9.

She and her mom, and Destiny's Child bestie, Michelle Williams opened their hearts wide back at home.

A moving morning at church

Waking up to see the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Irma across islands, the entire state of Florida, and heading to inland southern states, a stark awareness comes in realizing the value of life over property. Beyoncé stood with her mom in front of the church that she repeatedly called “home,” her voice emphatic and emotional. The singer-songwriter recalled singing her first solo at St. John's Church “when I was eight or nine,” coming up to sing from the place “where my daughter is sitting.”

Gratitude filled the words of the famous Mrs. Carter, as she thanked the church for, “lifting me, lifted my family, and praying for me.” She called the congregation a living example “of light and love.” She reminded that the day was “a celebration of life,” and echoed gratitude again that everyone in attendance was safe, along with their families.

Reaffirming that the “things that matter” were surrounding everyone gathered, Beyoncé insisted her purpose was to “bless other people,” and she thanked the church for continuing that purpose.

Beyoncé's mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, further elaborated on her daughter’s themes, relating that she struggled in her morning prayer on the way to the services, because of so much loss affecting people she knew.

She continued by saying that her focus changed when she chose to embrace “all we do have.” Tears filled the mother's eyes as she said: “Be grateful to God that he spared us.” She described the beauty of seeing rescuers of every “race and ethnicity” banding together to save lives. Beyoncé put her arms around her mom, leaning her head in lovingly.

The parting words were “We need each other to survive, so let's stop the craziness.” Mrs. Knowles added that her thought was that “God is trying to tell us something, so let's not get to the point of impossible.” She reminded those assembled that going through anything means that there is another side.

Seeing and serving

The after service meal was another family affair, with everyone happy to pull cafeteria duty. An Instagram post chose Michelle Williams serving chicken, Beyoncé dishing out green beans, and mom Tina offering the bread. The BeyGood Foundation is partnering with Pastor Rudy Rasmus and the non-profit, Bread of Life, to ensure that donations assist those in need without delays or intermediary distribution.

After sharing and serving for the 400-person luncheon, the family went to the George R Brown Convention Center, and stayed much longer than any cursory obligation, listening to many still stunned by the storm’s painful trail. The final stop was a tour of neighborhoods with Houston police, delivering food and needed items.

The weekend brought other visitors bearing aid, too. Kevin Hart, Janet Jackson, and Jennifer Garner all paid shelter visits, and their expressions of caring are certainly appreciated. There's just something special about hosting a hometown girl who gives from the heart for the good of people she knows and remembers.

Beyoncé will be joining the hurricane relief effort of the Hand-In-Hand benefit, which airs tomorrow night, September 12, at 8 PM EST, across all major networks and streaming live on social media.