bethenny frankel has always been very open and honest about her life on "The Real Housewives of New York" and last season proved it. As the ladies were trying to set up a time for a trip to Mexico, Frankel was dealing with a serious health issue. She had learned that she was constantly bleeding and needed surgery. She told her "The Real Housewives of New York" co-stars that she couldn't handle the trip last year and that they needed to postpone. At the time, Frankel had to get a living will in place, as the surgery could cause some trouble for her.

While everything did end up working out just fine, Bethenny is now dealing with another health scare.

According to a new report, Bethenny Frankel was filming various videos for social media this week about Hurricane Harvey. She was trying to raise money for the victims, who had to start over and rebuild. Bethenny felt she needed to help and she started getting the money together. But while she was filming these videos and going live on Facebook, some fans noticed that she was sporting a little bandage on her face. It was right under her eye, so it was hard to miss. Curiously, fans asked her about it.

Being tested

Bethenny Frankel revealed that she had a growth removed and the bandage was merely there to ensure that she didn't bleed after having the skin removed.

According to People Magazine, Bethenny was being tested for skin cancer. Of course, she could have had the growth removed because it turned out to be something for concern, but it sounds like the doctors don't know whether it is positive or benign.

One could hope that Frankel gets an answer soon, as she's probably thinking about the growth and what the result is.

If it is benign, she can breathe a little and continue with her fundraising for Harvey victims.

If the test comes back positive...

If the test comes back showing that she does indeed have skin cancer, one can imagine Bethenny's life will change a bit. Perhaps she will spend less time in the sun, and she may spend more precious time with her daughter Bryn.

One can imagine she's not too happy about this waiting period, but at least she's keeping busy with the Harvey relief efforts. She has even revealed that she's planning a trip to Texas, which may be able to get her mind off the growth and the possible positive result.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel getting tested for skin cancer? Are you surprised she's not sharing that with the world?