John Legend admitted that he once tried to Breakup with his girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, but she just said “no.” He revealed that their breakup from years ago lasted for about an hour and a half. Legend explained that he was burnt out during that time.

Chrissy Teigen was not having it

John Legend said in an interview with E! News that he was so stressed and busy when he tried to breakup with his now-wife Chrissy Teigen. He said that he’d be happier being single at that time. Teigen, however, just said no.

Hours after the said interview, Teigen posted on Twitter a link from 11 years ago when their brief breakup happened.

She added that it wasn’t a typical breakup. She said that John Legend was on tour that time and that he is just having a rough time with his voice.

Chrissy said that she knew that time John was just stressed with his career, that’s why she said no. The two have been married for four years now and has a daughter, Luna Legend.

Definitely happily married

Aside from admitting that he once tried to dump his then-girlfriend, John Legend also expressed in the interview how inspiring his wife is for him.

He said that Chrissy Teigen encourages him to be a bolder person and that he’s funnier when he's around her.

The couple has been married since 2013, years after John attempted to end their relationship. The two had an extravagant wedding in Lake Como, Italy.

But before that, they wedded privately in New York City in a low-key courthouse.

Chrissy Teigen said in an interview that she had three dresses during the ceremony in their Italian Wedding. She said that each time she goes to Vera Wang for a fitting, she just could not stop getting another dress.

In their Italian wedding, Teigen wore extravagant dresses like an ivory strapless gown, ivory mermaid gown, and crimson mermaid gown for the party.

The couple met in 2007 on the set of Legend’s "Single Stereo," and Teigen was then cast as his love interest. Now, the two are parents to their 16-month-old daughter.

Legend also explained why they were public about their lives on social media. He said that it lessens the exposure from paparazzi since they have control over their image as celebrities.

He added that even though they share that much in social media, they still know when or what’s not to share.

The artist explained that they have control over their publicity as well as their private lives. They believe that it is a much better alternative than paparazzi and having to go through tabloids.