Ayesha Curry, the Food Network Host, and a chef is CoverGirl's newest campaign star. The wife of the Warriors point guard, Stephen Curry, officially announced her new gig on Instagram on Wednesday. On her post, she wrote, "My first makeup memory was running down the beauty aisles with my mom getting to pick my very own lipstick. It was a COVERGIRL pink glittery lipstick."

According to People, Curry was first known for her "Ayesha's Home Kitchen" and one of the best-selling authors of her generation. As she shared the news with her fans, the famous chef added that it has always been her philosophy in life to seek for joy and balance.

Hence, as she partnered with CoverGirl, Curry wanted to share how makeup creates different moments in a person's life.

Makeup aisle

While confirming her new contract with CoverGirl to the social media, the young chef also couldn't wait for her daughters to finally see her face in the makeup aisle of the drugstores. She feels a lot excited for her daughters to see her as the newest face of the makeup ad.

She also feels honored to land a contract with the company since she always loves to empower women and to encourage them to enhance their originality. Meanwhile, the CoverGirl Company also unveiled the newest launching that will feature Curry's campaign. It has been learned that her first makeup ad will come out sometime in November.

New spokesperson

Apart from having Curry as the new face for their makeup ad, CoverGirl just announced on Tuesday the newest spokesperson for their company, the actress, Issa Rae.

Rae, on the other hand, expressed that being part of CoverGirl is a huge thing for her.

She's amazed how the company recognizes people's individuality and uniqueness. Perhaps, the actress added that working with this makeup brand is another milestone in her career.

Peacock Flare Mascara campaign

According to a report from Mercury News, Curry is set to campaign for the company's newest Peacock Flare Mascara. Her face will front the different drugstores and which is set to happen in the next two months.

In becoming the newest face of the brand, Curry will be working closely with other CoverGirl personalities like Zendaya, Sofia Vergara, and Katy Perry.

Unlike other fashion and makeup companies, CoverGirl has created a name over the years in terms of its strides in age, gender, and race. Ukonwa Ojo, the Senior Vice-President, also believes that Curry is a true representation of a CoverGirl.