Arrow” has seen a lot of resurrected characters though not all last for long. Asked on who he would want to see back in the show, lead star Stephen Amell mentioned: “Tommy Merlyn” (Colin Donnell).

For those who have been around since its maiden season, “Tommy Merlyn” played the role of “Oliver Queen’s” (Amell) childhood best friend. He eventually died that season as his father, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), brought on “Starling City.”

Donnell has appeared on occasion, particularly during flashbacks. However, if one considers a couple of potential ways to resurrect Tommy, Amell’s wish could be granted if showrunners would allow it.

"Tommy Merlyn" resurrected by "Flashpoint"

For those who have been following the various superhero-themed shows of CW, most are linked to “Flashpoint.” Thanks to the actions of “Barry Allen” (Grant Gustin), most worlds have gotten multiple Earths and altered pasts.

“Arrow” has not been spared with “John Diggle’s” (David Ramsey) family as a clear example. As most know, “Diggle” originally had a baby girl named “Sara,” named after “Sara Lance” (Caity Lotz). When the “Flash” altered history, baby “Sara” was erased and got replaced by “John Diggle Jr.”

It remains to be seen if the altered course of history would go as far as to affect Tommy though anything is possible.

But if not, there could be another twist to bring Ollie’s former friend back – “The Lazarus Pit.”

"Tommy Merlyn" via "The Lazarus Pit"

“The Lazarus Pit” has been used time and again. Aside from “Sara Lance,” it was also used on “Thea Queen/ Speedy” (Willa Holland) too. Somewhere along the “Arrow” timeline, “Malcolm Merlyn” could have possibly used it on his son and then conceal it from the rest.

There are plenty of characters who have made a return to the show and reviving Tommy’s character could make a bit of sense. Though it didn’t make much of an impact, there are plenty of angles that showrunners could use.

Revenge for "Laurel Lance"

Ironically, one character who died too was “Laurel Lance/ Black Canary” (Katie Cassidy).

In season one, Laurel and Tommy were in a relationship before Oliver returned to the scene.

It eventually became a love triangle with Laurel eventually rediscovering her feelings for Ollie. Depending on what producers come up with, seeing Tommy return may be more of a vendetta against Oliver for that. If not, he could seek revenge on Ollie for the death of Laurel back in the fourth season.

There are plenty of scenarios for “Tommy Merlyn” to return. It all depends if showrunners deem it sensible. So far, nothing much has been revealed for the sixth season. Could Tommy make a return? “Arrow” season 6 returns on CW on Oct. 12.