Almost a year after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced their divorce; the 42-year-old actress admitted that a lot has changed in her life. But in spite of the things that have happened to her, it seems that dedication to her children will always be her main priority.

The “Maleficent” star decided to stay away from the spotlight and focus on her kids after the news of their divorce broke out. She chose to stay with Maddox (16), Pax (13), Zahara (12), Shiloh (11), and the twins Vivienne and Knox (9) for some healing after the trauma brought by their split.olie’s promise to her kids

Jolie's promise to her kids

“As a mother, you also have a responsibility first and foremost towards the kids,” Angelina Jolie told People.

The filmmaker revealed that she also had her own ups and downs, but she is now a little stronger than before.

Her kids, too, had been through a lot after her divorce from Brad Pitt. As her children are all going through their formative years, the important thing for her now is to be there for them no matter what happens. “Everything else comes second to that,” she said.

The “Salt” actress revealed that they are not yet fully healed from the noise of her divorce from her Brad Pitt. Nevertheless, she is proud that her family is now out of the “lockdown.” In fact, they are now ready to start new adventures.

She believes that her kids are longing to be out in the world again. As they have kept things low because of what happened, she thinks that this might be the perfect time to come out and play together with her beloved children.

Jolie’s return behind and in front of the camera

As they are all moving on from the divorce, Angelina Jolie is now back at work with her children by her side.

The humanitarian is now promoting her directorial project, First They Killed My Father,” on Netflix that is set to be released on Sept. 15.

The movie is based on the true to life story of her friend Long Ung’s memoir about surviving the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia.

She is proud that her sons, Maddox and Pax, worked with her behind the camera.

Jolie chose to direct this film because of her love for Cambodia. In fact, this is the place where she adopted Maddox in 2002. She has done humanitarian work there for 14 years and established a foundation under Maddox’s name to help the local communities. She also wanted Maddox to see how beautiful his own country is. Aside from that, she is also planning to get back into acting with the announcement of “Maleficent 2.”