'Suits' actress Meghan Markle opened up about her relationship with Britain’s Prince Harry during an interview with Vanity Fair. Markle is a popular actress, also known for her charitable works around the world.

It was in 2016 when the first news about Markle and Prince Harry’s secret romance surfaced. The two remained silent for some time until Prince Harry was forced to confirm the relationship through a press release by the Kensington Palace.

The love story

Since then Markle was seen flying in and out of London but was very careful not to step out in public with the bachelor.

The two only sealed the publicity of their relationship when the actress showed up during the wedding of Prince Harry’s best friend.

Althroughout the very intriguing relationship, the actress remained reserved. But for the first time in more than a year, she finally broke her silence.

The actress admitted that being in her position today entails surprising changes, albeit, that are unpleasant at times. She is now constantly being scrutinized by the media, squeezing every possible scoop about her and her new beau. In the interview, she admitted that she felt the sudden change but she is grateful for Prince Harry and for the “support system” he has given her.

Harry had his fair share of controversies including a few ex-girlfriends.

Although he was caught being young and un-royal a couple of times, he proved to the world that he is still an esteemed member of the British royal family by actively serving the military. He also remains committed to his own causes while responsibly performing his royal duties. With Markle’s charitable background, many people say that the pair is made for each other.

Meghan’s remarkable character

In the TV series Suits, Markle’s character is that of a strong yet sweet paralegal. She exudes confidence and femininity. In real life, Harry’s love interest is indeed vocal since she was small. She rallied against an anti-feminist TV commercial and even wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton when she saw the ad.

She grew up in TV sets, being a daughter of a lighting director. She always wanted to become an actress but it wasn’t easy. Markle used to earn a living by writing calligraphy while auditioning for roles in Hollywood. In the recent years, her lucky streak kept on surprising her by landing a role in the TV show Suits and landing in the arms of UK’s most eligible bachelor, at the time.

After being bombarded by the media and the paparazzi she told Vanity Fair that their relationship is somewhat similar to other people. The actress stressed that they are two people who are "happily in love". Apparently, the two have been dating for six months before rumors about them spread. Today, rumors say that she might actually marry into the royal family.