Hallyu or the Korean Wave -- which is the expansion of Korean content and culture outside of South Korea -- made major strides since 2009. With Korean content suddenly being popular internationally, many Hallyu or Korean Wave stars have to adjust to preferences and sensitivities of international fans.

This holds true for U.S. fans and their generally liberal view towards racism. All one has to do is to look back on Mamamoo. Many American fans have abandoned the Rainbow Bridge World girl group despite their apologies for their mistakes.

Race, on the other hand, has innovated K-pop too.

Case and point: BP Rania. The girl group is recognized as the first to have an African-American member, Alex. This move created a loyal following for the girl group. Now many of those loyal followers are concerned as they now think Alex is no longer with BP Rania.

Alex's departure was made by assumption on Twitter

It must be made clear that Alexandra Reid -- better known as Alex in BP Rania -- did not leave either the girl group or Dr Music. The assumptions came about after Alex "blacked out" her Twitter. Because of this move on social media, many K-pop fans assumed that Alex has departed from BP Rania.

To further enforce their belief Alex left BP Rania, K-pop fans also cite the poor handling of Alex in the girl group.

The fact Alex did not go through a proper trainee program to be a K-pop idol and her recent lack of choreography and promotions among the other members have received many complaints. It also does not help that Yina, the oldest member of BP Rania, left two months prior.

The fact of the matter is that Alex most likely "blacked out" her Twitter account in support of liberalism or a social justice movement.

According to some comments on Twitter, Alex "blacked out" her Twitter for women's rights.

DR Music still recognizes Alex as the leader of BP RaNia

Until DR Music actually releases an official statement saying Alex has left Black Pearl Regeneration Idol of Asia, Rania, she is still a member. About two months ago, they even released images re-promoting "Start a Fire," the comeback BP Rania had in which Alex is featured as the leader.

As for why Alex is not in any recent promotions, she splits her time between being a member of BP Rania in South Korea and her solo endeavors in the American music industry as well. When Alex is done with whatever she needs to get done in the U.S., she will make her way back to South Korea to assist in pre-release promotions.

Pertaining to the next K-pop comeback BP Rania has planned, they so far have released many teaser images of the other members, Ji Eun, Yumin, Zi.U, Ttabo, and Hyeme. DR Music is also working on BP Rania W, and international girl group who will promote alongside BP Rania.