yolanda hadid used to live the Glamorous Life as a model, a wife to a successful music producer, and as a good friend to the wives on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” But while filming the show, things changed for Yolanda. She revealed that she started feeling odd and she was later diagnosed with Lyme disease. The disease completely changed her, and she struggled to do the most basic things, such as read, write and even watch television.

The disease also ended up destroying her marriage to David, as she couldn’t do the things she used to do with her husband.

They used to travel the world together and spend a great amount of time together outside, but she couldn’t even get outside of bed some days. However, Hadid has revealed that she’s doing much better and it sounds like she may have made a huge change in her life.

Turned her glam life in for the country

According to a new Bravo report, Yolanda Hadid is now revealing that she may have changed her glamorous life in with a new country vibe. When Hadid got divorced from David Foster, they sold their Malibu mansion, and she relocated into a condo near Beverly Hills. But it sounds like she wanted to move back to New York City, as she decided to move there shortly after splitting with David.

But Yolanda may have wanted something else, as she is now getting a home in the country.

She hasn’t said much about it, but she did reveal that she had just moved into a new space and she was ready for a new chapter on the east coast.

“Finally all moved in....... #NewChapter #FarmLife #eastCoast,” Yolanda Hadid revealed in an Instagram post, sharing a picture of her farm life. She is riding on a small cart, and in a later photo, she shared a picture of a barn in rainy surroundings.

It sounds like she loves the idea of living in the country but being able to go see her children in New York whenever she can.

Journey with Lyme disease

Over the past couple of years, Yolanda has been sharing her Lyme disease journey with fans of hers. She opened up about it on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” when she was filming the show, but she has also discussed her journey on social media.

Yolanda has shared pictures from her life on Instagram, giving a face to Lyme disease. She has a book coming out about her own personal journey with the disease.

What do you think of Yolanda Hadid’s post about possibly moving to the country? Are you surprised that she’s left her glamorous lifestyle behind in Beverly Hills for the east coast country living?