Enzo Amore is fun to watch but has hardly made any impact when it comes to actual wrestling action. Together with Big Cass before the celebrated separation, the mutt-and-jeff combination was pretty entertaining for the WWE universe.

Unfortunately, one man may not be putting on a smile right now – Vince McMahon. Multiple reports are coming out that WWE officials are trying to distance Enzo from the WWE CEO due to the former belittling the business according to the Wrestling Observer.

Where will Enzo Amore go?

In all, it seems McMahon wasn’t too happy with that jab.

It was something overheard during a telephone conversation, and apparently, Enzo may have crossed the line. Pair that up with the fact that is seen nothing more than a jester and one can easily what will immediately follow.

Assuming the inevitable, Amore could either be relegated to a small role – a comical one at that. If not, he could be sent back to WWE NXT with no promise of seeing him back on Raw or even SmackDown.

He could also get a character overhaul, cast along the cruiserweight for added color. There is no question about his ability to hype up people behind the microphone. Rather, it is about where he stands when it comes to physicality.

Re-evaluation and recasting

Right now, Amore is obviously struggling with the big and powerful WWE stars he finds himself with.

That partnership with Big Cass was a stabilizer so the betrayal sort of left his future in the balance.

Last time out, it seems that a partnership with the Big Show was experimented on. Seeing however that the big guy was not seen on WWE shows that much, it was a temporary setup. Looking ahead, there is also the looming reality that the behemoth may eventually hang up his tights.

Unless the creative team finds a way to inject some essence in Enzo Amore, it looks like he will not go beyond where his now. Some stars got a brief time of fame like Santino Marella. Marella held the Intercontinental title briefly but eventually faded and acted more like a sidekick and entertainer.

Seeing how the rating game has been erratic for the WWE, the change in the cast may be needed.

Amore is one of many stars who could be moving soon but in the list of stars that hold an uncertain future.

With the unwise dish plus the fact he is not really among the stars figuring in the main titles, Amore could end up doing talk shows that actual wrestling. Looking at how he is quickly being manhandled, it could be the best for him if he is to stay on with the WWE.