Emma Stone, apparently for a song, made it to the top of the annual Forbes ranking of the highest paid actresses in the world. Stone replaced Jennifer Lawrence on the no. 1 spot as she raked in big pay for playing the Oscar winning role of Mia, in the movie “La La Land.”

According to Forbes, Emma Stone received $26 million pre-tax income over a 12 month period starting June 2016 to June 2017. The bulk of Stone’s earnings came from the critically acclaimed and mega hit movie-musical “La La Land.” This will be Emma Stone’s largest annual take-home.

Forbes also pointed that of anyone on the list, Stone’s income is the biggest dollar and percent gainer, year over year.

“La La Land” experience

After the “La La Land” star received her OSCAR Best Actress award, Stone spoke about the similarities of her character’s experience with that of her real-life. She recalled that she moved to LA when she was 15 to do auditions and that she knows the feeling of doing many of these auditions over the course of time.

Emma Stone also revealed during an interview with Out Magazine that her male co-stars have taken salary cuts so she could receive equal pay. She said that they did it for her because…it’s what’s right and fair.

Forbes top ten list

Stone vested two Jennifers in the top spot.

They are no. 2 ranked, Jennifer Aniston and no. 3 Jennifer Lawrence. Anniston had received $25.5 million over the same period with incomes from royalties of the hit TV series, “Friends,” and from several endorsements.

Jennifer Lawrence, who earned a huge $46 million income last year, made $24 million in 2017, dropping the “The Hunger Games” star to third place.

Lawrence’s earnings came from her upcoming movie “Mother!,” “Red Sparrow,” and her Dior endorsement. Lawrence occupied the top spot both in 2015 and 2016.

Forbes top ten list of the highest paid actresses in the world also included Melissa McCarthy at no. 4 with $18 million and Mila Kunis at no. 5 with $15.5 million. Emma Watson and Charlize Theron are tied at no.

6 with $14 million each. Cate Blanchett and Julie Roberts also shared the 8th spot with $12 million income for the same period. Amy Adams completes the top 10 with $11.5 million.

"Beauty and the Beast" lead actress, Emma Watson is the only newcomer on the list as the remake of the classic and Academy award nominated Disney animated film became a worldwide success.

The total earnings of the actresses included on the Forbes list, however, is lower compared to 2016. Last year the total was $205 million while in 2017, it was only $172.5 million. Forbes also pointed out that only 3 were able to earn more than $20 million compared to 4 in 2016.