Channing Tatum’s new movie “Logan Lucky” opened in theaters on August 18 and got various reviews from media outfits during its first week. The reviews praised the film, its actors, and discussed some of the most unforgettable scenes.

According to Vulture, the Channing Tatum movie reversed “expectations at every turn.” Film reviewer David Edelstein wrote that the actors in the film were cast in roles that they were not born to play but they portrayed their characters with enjoyment. He also noted that “Logan Luckyexuded the spirits of Italian comedies such as “Big Deal on Madonna Street.”

Another review on New York Post written by Sara Stewart praised the movie because of the team of colorful characters in the story, saying that “Logan Lucky” was an “added country-friend bonus.” She said that though the story got a bit heavy at some points, the movie is worth the watch as the story pieces together in the end.

Steward noted Daniel Craig, who recently announced his upcoming portrayal of James Bond who played a vault breaker in the movie named Joe Bang. The movie was shown for the first time in the box-office this week.

Heist comedy

Variety reported what happened to the opening week of the movie. The film is a Steven Soderbergh heist comedy that is being reportedly shown on more than 3,000 screens. The tracking of the film’s earnings has it at around $5 million to $12 million, the report said.

These figures are reportedly lower than the $15 million that was set by Soderbergh earlier. The director had this in mind because of the movie’s financing and model used for distribution. Nevertheless, this movie starring Tatum and Craig was rated 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Variety noted in the article.

Tatum’s next project

The actor who was best known for his performance on “Magic Mike,” will reportedly star in a movie about the Mexican drug cartel. According to another report on Variety, the actor will also produce this upcoming project with Universal Pictures.

The film will be based on a book titled “Bloodlines” written by author Melissa Del Bosque.

Tatum is partnering with “Fifty Shades Of Grey” producer Michael De Luca for this upcoming project. Variety reported that he will do it under Michael De Luca Productions.

The story from which the movie will be based upon is named “Bloodlines: The True Story of a Drug Cartel, the FBI, and the Battle for a Horse-Racing Dynasty.” It tells the story of two FBI members who are on a mission to take down drug cartel group members in Texas.