The last time DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince aka Will Smith were seen together was back in 2016. The two had come together after a long time to produce a track for Marvel’s comic book-based, “The Black Panther,” film. The hip-hop legends are back again but this time they are experimenting with a completely new genre of music. Their latest track titled, “Get Lit,” is an EDM track that tests the bounds of the duo’s chemistry. The performance took place at an event during the Livewire Festival, 2017.

Earlier hits by the duo

According to a report by Pitch Fork, the two artists have delivered several hits including “Summertime,” “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” and “Lovely Daze,” among others.

Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince first shot to fame when they appeared together in the 1990’s sitcom, “Bel-Air.” They haven’t been seen working up an EDM song before though, therefore, it was perceived to be an interesting event for their fans.

Throughout the song, Will Smith can be heard rapping, “You need the beat to make you light it up.” As pointed out by People, Will Smith seems to have lost touch with making music lately. He has made small appearances here and there, for example, Smith was seen in JAY-Z’s “Footnotes,” earlier this year. The celebrity actor has been cast as the “Genie” in the upcoming Aladdin remake and is expected to sing out several CGI rhymes during the movie.

Smith on 'Get Lit' - A meaningful son

During the ongoing event at Livewire Festival, Smith admitted to the attendees that the duo had been working on a record that the fans haven’t heard before. After making this announcement, the two went on to carry out the “Get Lit” performance. According to Smith, the track was a response to the recent chaos and confusion taking place in the world.

They wanted to create a song that enables people to "shine bright through their light," the actor added. He said that everyone has an inner light and they should let it out. “People can say stuff to you and tell you, you can’t do but you know you can,” he encouraged the already riled-up crowd. “Get Lit” is the first proper collaboration between Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff since 1998, where they launched the record-smasher, “Lovely Daze.” The partners concluded the event by singing many other classic tracks including, “Just the Two of Us,” “Miami,” “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble,” “Getting Jiggy With It,” and “Men In Black.”