There's an argument to be made whether we're currently in the golden age of television, but there is no doubt that the current crop of TV Dramas is the best in a long time. From alternative history to fantasy, from politics to Wall Street, there is an outstanding drama for whatever your taste is. Here are four shows you should consider binge-watching this Fall.

'Game of Thrones' (HBO)

This one is a bit of a no-brainer as HBO's fantasy drama has taken the world by storm.

If you haven't started watching it, now would be a great time to hop on the bandwagon.

You will likely have plenty of time to catch up on, or re-watch, all the king-slaying, dragon-flying and zombie-killing of the previous seven seasons before the eighth and final season premieres in late 2018.

'Billions' (Showtime)

Showtime's hit drama portrays a big-time US attorney (Chuck Rhoades played by Paul Giamatti) who tries to take down the C.E.O. of one of the nation's biggest hedge funds (Bobby Axelrod played by Damian Lewis).

Rhoades is forced to deal with several conflicts of interest as the son of a prominent businessman, and the husband of a therapist for Axelrod's multi-billion dollar company. Giamatti consistently provides spell-bounding performances as he faces off with his fellow alpha male Bobby Axelrod.

You don't need to know anything about Wall Street to get hooked on this show's fast-paced plot.

'The Man in the High Castle' (Amazon)

"The Man in the High Castle" is based on a book carrying the same name that explores an alternative history where the Axis powers came out victorious in World War II. In this alternate universe originally created by Phillip K.

Dick, the Eastern half of the United States is ruled by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and the Western half is ruled by the Japanese Empire.

The story follows Juliana Crane (Alexa Davalos), who stumbles upon a set of films that show an alternative to the alternate history where America wins the war. The Japanese Empire and the Third Reich both attempt to destroy the films held by the Man in the High Castle himself in order to squelch a possible American rebellion.

The show is set to premiere its third season before the beginning of 2018, so it's not too late to catch up on the first two seasons of brilliantly-written and well-acted material.

'House of Cards' (Netflix)

"House of Cards" pioneered the industry of streaming-exclusive dramas to be embraced by the general public.

Kevin Spacey stars in the role he was born to play as a ruthless, amoral politician Frank Underwood, who will stop at nothing in his quest for ultimate power in the American government. Robin Wright also provides a captivating performance as Underwood's wife who has her own thirst for power that can't be quenched in the series' first five seasons.

Each season provides a moment that you wouldn't believe to be possible as Frank and Carrie Underwood team up to destroy everyone in their path. Bill Clinton told Spacey that the show is a "99 percent" accurate portrayal of American politics, and the 1 percent inaccuracy?

"You could never get an education bill passed that fast."