Oscars 2019: Academy Awards Best Picture rankings

The Academy Reveals 9 Oscar Shortlists — Wikimedia Commons
The Academy Reveals 9 Oscar Shortlists — Wikimedia Commons

The Best Picture category is wide open at this year's Oscars with a wide variety of nominees.

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The Best Picture category in this year's Academy Awards is incredibly intriguing. I don't think it was a strong year for the category overall, but there is an enormous box office hit involved and a film that I would consider a favorite to win the award in most years.

Here's the hierarchy in which I view this year's nominees ahead of the Oscars' ceremony in a couple of weeks.


Best Picture Rankings: #1 Roma

Roma was the best movie I saw this year, and it's not particularly close. It tells a beautiful yet heartwrenching story of a housekeeper in a wealthy Mexican home. The theme of the film describes how women are often tied so closely to the family while men are able to sew their seed whenever they please without any sort of repercussions. Roma has some incredibly painful moments that will make you want to bury their face in their hands and sob, but the resolution provides imperfect satisfaction.


Best Picture Rankings: #2 BlacKkKlansman

Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman tells an insane but true story that has every element you'd want in a film. The acting is superb from the entire cast, and there are moments that have you laughing hysterically and times where you're left speechlessly contemplating the race issues in our country. I didn't know what to expect coming in, but I believe this is some of Spike Lee's finest work.

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